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Membership Plan

YOUR PLAN Silver Golden Platinum
Limit of Product / Service posting 20 50 150
No. of Product / Service displayed on Priority ranking Website Upto 35 Pages Website Upto 55 Pages Website Upto 150 Pages
Template based Responsive Website brand brand brand
SEO Friendly Website Design & Optimized Web Pages brand brand brand
Access Business Inquiry in your Folder brand brand brand
Control Panel to Manage Your Website brand brand
Flip Book 8pages
Google Business Profile brand
Buy Lead Database Access Limit 144 (12 Per Month) 240 (20 Per Month) 720 (60 Per Month)
V-TRUST Certificate brand
Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) brand brand
QR Code brand brand brand
Complimentary Payment Gateway Integration brand brand

18999/ + 18%

39999/ + 18%

59999/ + 18%